Xivo on Raspberry Pi 2, for real ? Yeah, it works !

When the Raspberry Corp brings us the second version of the Raspberry-Pi, we want, at Iris-Network, test Xivo on this wonder board ! For us, it's a really nice system, enough speed and an atractive price ;)


As soon as we receive this second version, we took an SD-Card of our smartphone (4Go), dd a lightest version of Raspbian. Here begans problems ... just a little. Being an ARM box, we have to make ARM packets for Xivo and all dependencies. They will be in a public repo, don't worry ! Compiling wasn't funny, but with some good beers during some nights hours, it's done ! Now it's really simple, aptitude is our friend now.

One question is still here, how many simultaneous calls could this board support ? And is the quality good for a real system ? We bring some SIP Phones (snom, Aastra, Yealink) on our new (and shiny) system, testing around the day, we could pass 12 simultaneous transmissions (of course without reencode).


Well done captain !

Now is time to test, retest, and do some test in a development environment in our office and in some audacious customers who wanted a really cheap IPBX corporate grade.

In some days, we'll put in a public repo the ARM Xivo Debian's package to let the community play with this.

The Iris-Network team.

Comments !