Version 15.10

With a slight delay due, here is the 15.10 version of Xivo for our Raspberry 2.

Here is the changelog, and for a review :

  • Bug #5171: xivo-amid crashes if accentuated character is not utf8 encoded
  • Bug #5426: Directory search does not work if several entries have the same number in phonebook
  • Bug #5552: xivo-confgen does not generate features.conf until form is saved for the first time
  • Bug #5560: Uppercase in header columns in conference and people xlet
  • Bug #5562: Columns margins before text in People, Conference and History Xlet
  • Bug #5564: Reverse look up results with space and dashes are not filtered out
  • Feature #5521: Add a webservice in xivo-confd to reload xivo
  • Technical #5528: Split DAO service layer into separate modules
  • Technical #5541: Move data_handler from dao to confd
  • Technical #5565: Debian packaging for billiard
  • Technical #5568: Upgrade python-kombu to 3.0.26
  • Technical #5573: Ajout nouveau préfixe DHCP pour SPA8000
  • Technical #5575: Multiqueues call stats sharing should be checked by default
  • Technical #5583: Port patches for asterisk 11 to asterisk 13

I'll try to maintain for next version a separate apt sources for each version, keeping you an easy task to install one specific.

I will ikeep you informed.

Comments !