Version 15.16

Voici la version 15.16 :

Le changelog, et un extrait :

  • Bug #4323: Voicemail: Update password from device with no password initial
  • Bug #5570: Can't change voicemail password from phone when voicemail is associated to more than 1 user
  • Bug #5792: Voicemail option attach audio file can't be reset to None
  • Bug #5812: Missing french translation in user form, tab voicemail
  • Bug #5817: Filtre LDAP ne fonctionnant plus
  • Bug #5829: People xlet don't show the menu in the Number column if there's nothing to show in the menu
  • Bug #5835: Munin translation for fail2ban
  • Bug #5837: Consul backup is not listed on webi
  • Bug #5839: (regression) Can't list voicemail from 'Users -> No answer' tab
  • Bug #5844: Incorrect field name in csv users import documentation
  • Bug #5849: Remote authentication bypass on xivo-confd
  • Feature #5704: HA - As an admin, I'd like phone to support a reboot during HA
  • Feature #5710: Get user by UUID
  • Feature #5743: Identifier la liste active et inactive sur /cti/index.php/reversedirectories/
  • Feature #5809: [confd] find users associated to a voicemail
  • Feature #5810: [webi] dissociate voicemail from user when deleting
  • Feature #5826: Add blind transfer to xlet people
  • Feature #5836: Attended transfer from the People xlet
  • Feature #5845: Add a xivo-auth backend for administrator
  • Feature #5846: Add a xivo-auth backend for webservices user
  • Technical #5797: Allow results range when lookup in directories (xivo-dird rest api)
  • Technical #5798: Update dird configuration to configure phone views
  • Technical #5808: xivo-dird callable column type
  • Technical #5811: possibility to enable/disable http/https server for xivo-dird-phoned
  • Technical #5814: cisco_view plugin in xivo-dird should have swagger documentation
  • Technical #5816: add userfield and description to the user web service used by xivo-dird
  • Technical #5824: Ignore non-YAML files in config directories
  • Technical #5830: xivo-confgen update the ressource to generate the authorized_subnets section for xivo-dird-phoned
  • Technical #5834: xivo-confd REST API token authentication

Le nouveau lien pour télécharger :

  • Version avec la subscription : deb wheezy main
  • Version numérotée : deb wheezy main

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