Version 16.10

Voici la version 16.10

Le changelog, et un extrait :

  • Bug #5366: queue sends multiple calls to an agent already in communication
  • Bug #5694: Memory leak in Asterisk when a caller channel does multiple dials and CEL is enabled
  • Bug #6206: Long name is truncated in xivo client
  • Bug #6321: No way to cancel a transfer via XiVO Client
  • Bug #6328: Asterisk crash when calling from the XiVO client when there's a circular dependency between contexts
  • Bug #6334: asterisk process creates an odbc-related log file in /var/spool/asterisk each time it is started
  • Bug #6335: Unwanted files created in / after running xivo-update-config
  • Bug #6341: ISO installation fails when timezone is "US/Hawaii"
  • Feature #6283: Update to Asterisk 13.10.0
  • Feature #6344: Support multiples line for a user with confd
  • Technical #6326: Use confd to associate user_line in webi
  • Technical #6336: xivo-confgend not started "correctly" during xivo-upgrade
  • Technical #6340: Run xivo-confgend with non-root privileges

Le nouveau lien pour télécharger :

  • Version avec la subscription : deb jessie main
  • Version numérotée : deb jessie main

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