Version 16.11

Voici la version 16.11 de Raspivo !

Le changelog, et un extrait :

  • Bug #6333: Status updates (presence, phone) stop changing in the XiVO Client
  • Bug #6338: Upgrade shall not break if Internet connection goes down
  • Bug #6346: Warning in the logs when starting xivo-dird
  • Bug #6351: Changing the main extension of a user breaks all function keys towards this user
  • Bug #6354: xivo-agid won't start when uncommenting default fax config
  • Bug #6356: Monitoring page floors byte sizes with fr_FR locale
  • Bug #6358: Audio delayed on webrtc incoming call due to DTLS negotiation increasing timeout
  • Bug #6360: pjsip on asterisk i386 version segfault
  • Bug #6361: XiVO Client can't make new calls because of a missing ACL
  • Bug #6362: IPBX software name and version not shown correctly in the web interface when running XiVO under OpenVZ
  • Bug #6363: Queue sometimes stops calling agent members
  • Bug #6383: xivo-alcatel-2.01.10 : "get time format failed" for timezones with no DST
  • Bug #6387: Upgrade does not update database
  • Feature #6331: WEBI: Allow administrator to define XiVO Client login with format "[email protected]"
  • Feature #6352: Add the cti protocol version to the /infos result
  • Feature #6367: add GET /extensions//lines api in confd
  • Feature #6368: Add an interface to manage phonebooks in xivo-dird
  • Feature #6369: xivo-dird phonebook backend
  • Feature #6381: Line status REST API in xivo-ctid-ng
  • Feature #6384: API for managing agent assigned to a user
  • Technical #6348: Separate extension from user_line table
  • Technical #6355: upgrade to swagger 2.1.5
  • Technical #6359: Use confd to create/update a user's extension in webi
  • Technical #6364: optimize PUT lines/ when there are no changes
  • Technical #6365: optimize PUT users//funckeys when there are no changes
  • Technical #6366: optimize PUT extensions/ when there are no changes
  • Technical #6385: Run xivo-dxtora with non-root privileges

Le nouveau lien pour télécharger :

  • Version avec la subscription : deb jessie main
  • Version numérotée : deb jessie main

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