Version 16.12

Voici la version 16.12 de Raspivo !

Pour l'occasion, il n'y a plus qu'un seul dépot quel que soit la version du Pi (2 ou 3). N'hésitez pas si vous avez des soucis à demander de l'aide.

Le changelog, et un extrait :

  • Bug #5492: asterisk is leaking UDP sockets (related to RTP instances) in some scenarios
  • Bug #6269: login / logout necessary for agents to take into account a 'ringinuse' parameter change on a queue
  • Bug #6311: Calls assigned to busy agents even if ringinuse=0
  • Bug #6329: All Xivo Services Restarting Randomly since 16.09 upgrade
  • Bug #6330: two users can have the same login xivo-client when importing
  • Bug #6380: xivo-ctid-ng sometimes stops working properly
  • Bug #6389: Function keys are sometimes not sorted by position
  • Bug #6392: Transferee hears transferer and target during attended transfer when no music on hold is configured
  • Bug #6395: dird phonebook GET sort order with accentuated characters
  • Bug #6401: confd API return 500 when associate 1 endpoint to 2 lines
  • Bug #6404: xivo-ctid traceback when calling from XiVO Client
  • Feature #6350: Provisioning SNOM D745
  • Feature #6370: xivo-dird phonebook import
  • Feature #6373: API for managing sip general configuration
  • Feature #6394: API for managing trunks
  • Feature #6397: API for managing endpoint assigned to a trunk
  • Feature #6400: Update to Asterisk 13.11.2
  • Technical #6396: xivo-ctid-ng eats up too much CPU
  • Technical #6411: remove unused n+101 option in the webi

Le nouveau lien pour télécharger :

  • Version avec la subscription : deb jessie main
  • Version numérotée : deb jessie main

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