Version 16.13

Voici la version 16.13 de Raspivo !

Le changelog, et un extrait :

  • Bug #4851: Allow sort order to be specified for on-hold music
  • Bug #5949: recorded file isn't displayed if its name contains * or #
  • Bug #6314: xivo-confd: GET /extensions//line does not work for extensions in Incoming contexts
  • Bug #6405: Supervision doesn't work as expected for user with multiple lines and a single extension
  • Bug #6416: Non prise en compte de la modification des lignes personnalisées pour les utilisateurs déjà dans des groupes ou files d'attentes
  • Bug #6428: Switchboard - Can't put a call on hold after atxer
  • Feature #5903: As an admin, I can enable call recording for a user even if *26 extension is disabled
  • Feature #6342: Add auto-provisioning support for Patton SN4110 and SN4300
  • Feature #6420: API for managing incalls
  • Feature #6421: API for managing extension assigned to a incall
  • Feature #6423: As an administrator I would like to be able to configure the xivo-dird phonebook access from the web interface
  • Feature #6436: Add associated endpoint of a trunk when listing with API
  • Technical #6422: Update consul to 0.7.0
  • Technical #6426: xivo_admin dird.tenants acl
  • Technical #6427: Use xivo-auth to authenticate in the webi
  • Technical #6433: Don't build asterisk package with BUILD_NATIVE option enabled
  • Technical #6434: Allow up to 32 lines to be associated to a device
  • Technical #6442: Allow public xivo services (e.g. xivo-auth, xivo-confd, ...) to be reached through port TCP/443
  • Contribution #6415: Ajout d'un sous menu dans switchboard

Le nouveau lien pour télécharger :

  • Version avec la subscription : deb jessie main
  • Version numérotée : deb jessie main

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