Wazo 17.17

Voici la version 17.17 de Wazo !

Avec le changelog qui va bien :

  • Bug #6924: wazo-service uses with invalid service name causes drop sip packets
  • Bug #6926: dird: override profile source config
  • Bug #6931: Impossible to connect to the wazoclient after an upgrade to wazo 17.16 when using custom certificates
  • Bug #6946: Plantage xivo-ctid
  • Bug #6949: xivo-ctid-ng: missing call_ended events on relocate
  • Bug #6953: wazo auth does not accept request from tokens with a specific id
  • Feature #6885: assign policies to groups in wazo-auth
  • Feature #6919: Nginx IPv6 support
  • Feature #6921: Assign users to groups in wazo-auth
  • Feature #6927: relocates: cancel via API
  • Feature #6929: registers/sip REST API
  • Feature #6930: REST API: get all available timezones
  • Feature #6932: improvement of the admin-ui interface
  • Feature #6934: API for managing outcalls assigned to a call permission
  • Feature #6936: create a wazo-auth user with an admin token
  • Feature #6942: fetch available languages for system sounds
  • Feature #6944: associate a wazo-auth user to an existing xivo-user
  • Feature #6945: xivo-ctid-ng: calls: add called extension to REST API and events
  • Feature #6948: wazo-auth url to change a user's password
  • Feature #6950: API for managing groups assigned to a call permission
  • Feature #6952: Zoho auth plugin
  • Feature #6955: API for managing voicemail general configuration
  • Feature #6958: API for managing iax general configuration
  • Technical #6925: update default value for NAT option in sip.conf
  • Technical #6928: api plugin for wazo-auth
  • Technical #6933: wazo-auth: external auth API
  • Technical #6937: wazo-auth the resource to create a user without an ACL should be /register
  • Technical #6954: wazo-auth should publish an event when an external auth is added or removed
  • Technical #6956: confd: override enabed_plugins config

Le nouveau lien pour télécharger :

  • Version avec la subscription : deb http://www.iris-network.fr/raspivo/wazo/latest jessie main
  • Version numérotée : deb http://www.iris-network.fr/raspivo/wazo/17.17 jessie main

Attention, il faut bien prendre la version Raspbian Jessie (et non la toute dernière basée sur Stretch), et ajouter ce dépot au sources.list : deb http://mirrordirector.raspbian.org/raspbian/ jessie-staging main contrib non-free rpi

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